Individual (annual)

An Individual Membership of the Adopt & Embrace Academy gives you (a single user) access to:


Can't afford to pay for an annual membership?
If you need to spread out your payments, or are not quite sure you will need access for a full year (or more), then we recommend you take a look at our Individual (monthly) membership
How will my credit card be charged?
You will be billed USD$799 recurring each year until you cancel your membership.  We do not keep a record of your credit card details in full.  Credit card information is sent directly to our payment gateway for processing.  We do keep a record of the last four digits of your credit card, and the expiry date.  This is used to provide expiring credit card reminders to reduce the chance of your access to the Adopt & Embrace Academy being disrupted
What if I want to cancel?
Whilst we know that you will get a lot of value from the Adopt & Embrace Academy, if you are not 100% happy with our service you can cancel at any time via your account page.   Note that your cancellation will stop any further recurring payments and you will forfeit access for any remaining time that you have paid for in the year of cancellation.

Looking for more assistance or have a larger team?
Share the load by enrolling up to five named users in our Small Team (monthly) or Small Team (annual) memberships.  With our Small Team memberships you also can keep on track with a quarterly accountability session with an Adopt & Embrace Adoption Specialist.  Need to scale even more?  Upgrade to the Enterprise (monthly) membership and enroll up to 35 people, plus receive a monthly 60 minute video coaching callEnterprise (annual) members also enjoy a 3 day onsite champion workshop delivered by an Adopt & Embrace Adoption Specialist.


Are you ready to build your Microsoft 365 adoption capability and hit the ground running? 
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